Greeting cards Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025

Writing a greeting card with your own hand turns gifts into even more personal and intimate memories.
Check out some tips!
Messages of love and affection on the Christmas card transform the gift into something personal and extraordinary.
For this reason, the advice is to personalize the message, perhaps writing to the recipient of the gift, appealing it with a loving nickname, citing all the memories you have experienced and showing how important the person is.
under penalty of entering the delivery date so that the message becomes a memory forever.
But if you run out of inspiration while writing, take a look at the suggestions we have selected for your Christmas and New Year's messages to make them original and more special.

Beautiful and elegant image in black color with rolled up sheet and text with greeting message
Beautiful and elegant image in black color with rolled up sheet and text: I wish you a beautiful, magical new year! Happy 2025!

Creative messages to write on Christmas and New Year cards

• Not even the largest and most expensive of gifts is able to prove my desire to you and your family for this Christmas: a lot of peace, love, health and success.

• Merry Christmas! That at this moment not only gifts open, but hearts for love and peace.

• If we are able to spread joy; If we are capable of all this magic; I'm sure we could make it Christmas every day! - phrase taken from the song Natal Todo Dia, from the group Roupas Nova.

• I found happiness and told me that she would go to her house. I asked her to also bring health and love. Treat them well, go on my behalf. Happy New Year!

• Christmas dinner recipe: mix love, forgiveness and understanding. Put a pinch of harmony and goodwill. Serve for the people you love.

• Dream Christmas is what we idealize in the spirit, we feel in the heart and we share solidarity. How nice to share those moments with you!

• To win a new year that deserves this name, you must also earn it and make it new. I know it's not easy, but try, try. It is within you that the New Year dozes and waits a long time.

• It is time to forget what has failed and take advantage of the next 365 days to try again and do even better. Happy New Year!

• The best Christmas message is the one that comes out of the silence of our hearts and warms the hearts of those who accompany us on our journey through life. Thanks for being part of this trip.

• The best gift I can receive this Christmas is your affection and your presence.

Christmas quotes and happy new year messages

• It is Christmas in the heart that brings Christmas to life. (William Thomas Ellis)

• Christmas is a time of union, sharing and reflection. That we can be empowered and inspired to turn the world into a better place. A great Christmas! (Mayara Benatti)

• Christmas gift tips: for your enemy, forgive. For an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. For a customer, service. For everything, charity. For each child, a good example. For you, respect. (Oren Arnold)

• I wish your Christmas dinner was abundant. Much of love, peace, hope and, above all, sharing with loved ones. A blessed Christmas for you and your family! (Mayara Benatti)

• This Christmas, I wish ... If it's to make war, it's a pillow.
If he has to be alone, leave him in the shower.
If it is to be lost, let it be fear.
If he has to lie, let it be age.
If it's about to kill, let it be nostalgia.
If it's to be happy, let it always be.
If he has to die, let him be in love.
(Excerpt from the song Se For Pra Ser Feliz, by the duo Chitãozinho & Xororó)

• The happiness of having the presence of a happy and united family, not only at Christmas, surpasses any gift that may be under the tree. (Edward Klumpp)

• The best gifts for Christmas are good memories. (Júnior Miranda)

• That this Christmas is no longer the one in which Jesus approaches his home and soon leaves, but that remains in your life forever and that this happens without delay. (Raquel Mosquem)

• The best Christmas message is the one that comes out of our hearts in silence and warmly warms the hearts of those who accompany us on our journey through life. (Unknown author)

Image for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025 greeting card
Image for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025 greeting card, two post-its glued on a black wall with Happy Holidays .

Merry Christmas and Happy 2025 to the family and our relatives

Happy holidays with many dinners

We waited all year for the end of the year and now it has finally arrived!
Now it's time to get away from the diet for a few days and enjoy all the delicacies that come with Christmas and New Year without any sense of guilt.
There is nothing better than spending these dates with people who are really important to us and who give a unique meaning to our life.
May Christmas be full of love and may the New Year come with many results and accompanied by delicious food, of course!

Parties surrounded by special people

Another cycle that closes and, with it, lessons that we will take for the next year and, therefore, make our lives a little more complete.
It is during this period that we have a great opportunity to thank and appreciate those who make our paths happier and cultivate this feeling for the rest of our lives.
Whether in our professions, schools or families, it is always important that we are surrounded by people we love and have a lot of respect.
So let's make this year's end a great event and sow everything that is good in the world.
A great Christmas and a new year of love for all of us!

Happy holidays to all

It is time to turn on the lights on our Christmas tree and to illuminate our hearts with generosity and love.
It is time for families to come together in harmony and celebration. And exchange gifts, affection and many hugs.
It's party time! Greet the old year with joy and welcome the new year with hope.
May this Christmas be peaceful and the new year bring more happiness and prosperity.
Happy holidays to all

Welcome dear

I want to welcome everyone who is here for the start of another year and is on the starting line as ready to start a great marathon.
We begin a new phase of experiences and discoveries that will surely make us happier and enrich us all.
May this be a year in which everyone achieves the proposed objectives and takes full advantage of this wonderful period of experience!

Best wishes for my son for this other year

How nice it is to see you grow, son. You are my greatest pride and I hope I can always see you happy. Enjoy these holidays as you want, in your own way and don't forget that I love you above all.
May it be an unforgettable 2025 because that's the way it should be.
Congratulations, my dear son, and happy new year!

The time has come to leave

What I hope for this year is that it will be incredible. I can't know all that awaits me, all I can learn and all the new things that will happen to me.
My wish? It can be a great year for me, for my friends and family!
Enjoy every second of this year and be welcome!

Simple and elegant image with gray background and new year 2025 included in gray boxes with wishes for happy holidays
Simple and elegant image with gray background and new year 2025 included in gray boxes with wishes for happy holidays

Happy holidays for the staff

After a year of great productivity and results, it's time to stop celebrating and catch your breath to start another year with great enthusiasm.
It's time to make a final checklist and a new list of goals and wishes for next year.
May the new year bring much positive energy and joy to our lives.
May our team continue to grow and face the challenges with determination and confidence. Congratulations to everyone for the excellent year, and perhaps also to a more prosperous future! Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all houses

Happy Holidays! I hope and wish that every home in the world knows the love, tenderness and joy of sharing magical moments with family and friends.
It is so beautiful to celebrate life with those we love!
The time has come to rethink what has not been done, what has been done and what we want to do tomorrow.
This is also the right time to thank and recognize what we have received during the year.
May all the parts be unique and special!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2025 messages to friends and girlfriends

This year promises good and new things

Today is the beginning of another year, dear friends. I hope it will be good and that you are prepared for everything that will bring you.
It is very nice to welcome the new, because it is like putting new fuel into our day!
New and fresh energy to continue to seek knowledge and learn life lessons, Happy 2025.

Congratulations to my favorite friend

Dear friend, may your Christmas be full of joy. You are an incredible person who deserves all the happiness in the world on this day and throughout the new year. Best wishes!!

Special greetings to my old friend

I wish you to be with the people you love, to be able to enjoy every moment, to receive many gifts and to enjoy a happy end of the year.
May it be a day of many smiles and harmony.
Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

Nice greeting card with text on the background to wish peace, health, love, joy, business, kindness, friendship and prosperity with an orange greeting message overlaid
Beautiful greeting card with text on the background to wish peace, health, love, joy, business, kindness, friendship and prosperity with an orange greeting message superimposed: Merry Christmas and happy new year 2025

I am ready to challenge the new year

For me, who does not give up, it is the beginning of new challenges and opportunities.
I love the reboots, welcome the new year and prepare for a new things. I am thirsty to learn, because for me life is this. I learn a lot from my mistakes and do my best to find my way.
I wish you the same, win this new year!

Happy new year for you, warrior

There is nothing impossible for those who dedicate themselves to a cause with dedication.
Talent and intelligence are of great help, but they are useless if they are not accompanied by a huge desire to achieve the proposed objectives.
That in the new year your motivation never failed, and in the end happiness will be impressed on your face that you knew how to win. Happy New Year 2025!

Merry Christmas and New Year for my friends

May this Christmas love and hope to warm your hearts and the new year bring great success and lots of happiness.
Let there be good food and rich gifts, but above all there is health, joy and good feelings to share.
And each of you celebrate these holidays with your family or those you love most.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

SMS and short messages for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025

Merry Christmas and prosperous new year

Merry Christmas and a new year full of prosperity, lots of joy and success every day!

A memorable party and the Christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit lives in everyone's heart and deserves to be celebrated with joy. Happy Holidays!

More charm with you

This magical moment gets even more charm with you by my side. Merry Christmas!

Peace for Christmas and happiness for the new year

Celebrate Christmas in peace in the company of your loved ones and have a happy new year from start to finish!

A new journey

Welcome, 2025. Today we begin a new journey full of trust and hope!

Growing up is learning in the new year

Strive day after day to become more prepared and aware of the world you live in. And have fun; have fun with yourself and with others. Welcome 2025!

Adventures of wisdom and knowledge for 2025

New adventures full of wisdom and knowledge are waiting for us. Welcome, 2025!

Promise and welcome for this 2025

Now that another year begins, I want to welcome him with a simple promise: I will always be with you. Best wishes!

Image of a happy and colorful greeting card with red stars, golden pine cones and blue decorative threads with greeting message
Image of a happy and colorful greeting card with red stars, golden pine cones and blue decorative threads with greeting message: Let your dreams take flight in the new year! HAPPY 2025.

Welcome to your new year

We hope this is not only the beginning of another year, but also an unforgettable phase of your life! Happy New Year.

Thoughts of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your love

Happy holidays with joy

Merry Christmas and the new year brings you a lot of prosperity! Collect the ones you love most and distribute affection to everyone, and fill your home with harmony and peace.
The greatest riches of our life are the beautiful moments spent with those we love.
And this festive season is one of the best for this.
So enjoy the holidays to the fullest! May it be a peaceful Christmas and a farewell to the old year with joy, and may welcome the new with hope.
Happy holidays with joy!

New year's dreams with you

The new year will be wonderful! We will learn and also dream; we will grow without ever stopping.
With help from above, all dreams will become possible.
This new year will become unforgettable day after day, if we believe it.

Wonderful season

When the end of the year approaches, everyone gets ready for the best time of the year: Christmas! Christmas is a magical moment that allows us to breathe and find some breath of life.
It is a pause to remember what is really important in our life.
And even if it's only once a year, we can bring Christmas messages and lessons into our hearts all year round.
We can and must love, forgive, always share.
May the magic of Christmas last in our lives all year round. Happy Holidays!

A Christmas and a new year with meaning

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I hope that the meaning of this very special date is present in all people and in every home.
And now that the year is ending, I just hope that all consciences are calm and proud.
We will honor the word and the message of the Lord.
We will fully enjoy the moments that God has prepared for us. We will live Christmas and celebrate the entry of the new year 2025 with much peace and joy.

Messages Happy new Year greetings late

Forgive my delay and accept my best wishes

Compliments! Forgive the delay, but everyone knows how forgetful I am.
But you are a very special person and you don't deserve to be forgotten. I hope your days have been unique and wonderful.
I hope this new year is even more dazzling.
May all your dreams come true and your heart breathes health every day and every night.

Sorry if only now I wish you well

Sorry I'm late, but I was on vacation in the Maldives and I didn't have time to think about you, there is a paradise!
I'm kidding, I've worked and more. I thought to see you in person and limbs a hug, but it was not possible,
I wish you my best wishes for these past holidays.

Greeting card with the image of a gift package that opens with lots of light and a message of happy holidays
Greeting card with the image of a gift package that opens with lots of light and a message of happy holidays: May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In the frenetic race of life

Committed to running in this fast-paced world, I spent the holidays almost without stopping, only now do I realize that I have not given you the best wishes, despite being a person who deserves all my appreciation.
I hope you have enjoyed this festive period, even without my best wishes!

I didn't wish you wishes on purpose

I have not forgotten to wish you well, I was just waiting to see if you remembered to send them to me, and they did not arrive.
However, I now wish you my best wishes for this new year.

Yes, Late but slightly

Okay, I didn't do it to you on December 31st, just for New Year's Eve and not even for the first days of January, but I'm going to do it now, you've only lost a few days of the new year without my blessing!
I hope it went well anyway, I'll do it now, and you will immediately see the change !!
I really hope so, Happy New Year.

Ideas for texts for a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas 2025

Enjoy this beautiful festive period

The holidays have arrived and with its special magic it promises to enchant all hearts.
Christmas is almost here and the smell of gifts, love and dreams illuminated by colored lights is already in the air.
The best time of the year is coming, let's try to make the most of this beautiful month from the first to the last day. Best wishes!

Party sensations

Welcome holidays! I hope it brings beautiful, warm and unforgettable sensations. I feel that the next few days will be special and full of positive energy.
This last time of the year will be wonderful! Sun, heat and Christmas.
What else can I wish for? I just hope it takes time to leave, because this is one of the stages that I appreciate most every year.

The best time of the year is this

There is a special time that makes me radiant, happy as when I was a child when I received a toy for Christmas.
Yes, I'm talking about the period of the end of the year holidays, between Christmas and New Year.
Today I want to smile a lot, laugh until I fall to the ground!
I want to turn off the alarm clock and wake up when I no longer want to sleep.
I will enjoy this period and next year in style because time passes quickly and soon it is time to reactivate the alarm. Merry Christmas everyone!

Celebrate the renewal

The last period of the year has arrived. It is a moment of renewal, of rebirth, of leaving behind what has passed and embracing what will come.
Embrace the family, be close to those who really matter, be full of joy to wait for the new year with renewed energy. It's time for parties, meetings, smiles!
Make the most of the renewal energies that bring these holidays!
Celebrate the renovation!

Perfect will be the new year

There is no need to hurry, the year is almost over and the ideal will be to take life slowly.
We take stock of what we have already experienced and make the most of this year's shortcomings.
Christmas is coming, this is undoubtedly the best time of the year!

The beginning of another journey of experience

The year begins. It is time to reflect on common and personal goals. It is the ideal time to fill our hearts with motivation and set off in search of great results.
It is a pleasure to welcome a new year.
My wish is that you enjoy this journey until you reach the end of the year, always enriched with a new and noble life experience.

Christmas image with a bicycle carrying a Christmas tree and gifts.
Christmas image with a bicycle carrying a small Christmas tree and gifts in the basket .

Welcome 2025

Another year is starting and it is with hearts full of joy and expectations that we welcome 2025!
With commitment and dedication, but also with a lot of fun, we hope that this year will bring much success for everyone.
May there never be a lack of good humor, respect between all and strong bonds of friendship.
And that in the end we will all be richer with good memories and learning.

Enjoy the last days of the year

These are the last days of the year, make them memorable!
Enjoy every second, do something that makes you smile and why not, look back and rejoice in all that you have experienced this year that is ending.
Have a good eve and, since it is the New Year's Eve, make it particularly happy and unforgettable!

2025 will be a path made of rich experiences

Welcome to another year! What is left behind will certainly not be forgotten, but it is time to start learning new things, strengthen us in order to continue growing.
May the next few months be fertile in positive experiences and when everything is over we can be aware that we have done our best and fully enjoy this wonderful journey in 2025. Happy New Year

2025 target: Improve

We are reaching the end of another phase! The end of the year is always a moment of strong emotions and it is always good to keep your head calm and your heart at peace!
Don't let all the year-end anxiety take over!
Keep calm and try to thank for the year that has passed, to enter the new year with your heart in the right place!
Other than that, take advantage of this end of the year! Happy New Year!

Happy start of the year

The new year always causes high expectations and many questions for everyone.
All these questions and more turn around in their heads.
But don't worry, the year will be fine and better, much more than you think.
Happy start of the year for everyone!

2025: A new stage for you

A new stage in everyone's life is about to begin.
Know that we are all here in the same starting and starting conditions.
It will be our challenge.
Get ready for new experiences, new knowledge that can change your whole life.
May this new year be simply wonderful for everyone.

The time

Life is the homework.
When you see, it's already six!
When you see it, it's already Friday!
When you see, it's Christmas ...
When you see, the year is over ...
When you see, we lose
the love of our life.
When you see that 50 years have passed!
It is now too late to fail ...
If they had given me one day,
another opportunity,
I wouldn't even have looked at the clock.
I'd go on and on and throw
the useless golden shell of the hours
along the way ... I would have kept love
in front of me and I would have said that I loved him ...
And there's more: be sure to do
something you like in time.
Make sure you have people by your side
out of pure fear of being happy.
The only fault he will have will be
that time,
unfortunately, it will never return.

Welcome to this new year

An incredible journey is waiting for us, full of news and new expectations. This year has everything to be incredible, just try to develop the best that is within us. Happy New Year!

Image with a greeting card with a pencil sharpener that produces a Christmas tree and a message: Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and homes.
Image with a greeting card with a sharpener that produces a Christmas tree and a message: Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and homes. In this loveliest of celebrations may you find many reasons for happiness. Best Wishes.

May it be a return of joy and hope, students

The New Year is always a moment of great hope and joy.
Joy to get new opportunities.
We hope that everyone has good motivations and that this journey begins with great happiness.
This is the time to see friends, relatives and wish to have a year full of affections.
Today is the beginning of a new time which we are sure will be unique and incredible. Welcome 2025 !!

The benefits of motivation

Life is a real school and it's not just the place where we learn letters and numbers.
Real life is the place where we can share experiences and live unique moments that we will remember for the rest of our existence.
If you observe the lessons that life offers you with great motivation, learning will make you a better prepared person for the challenges that will face you in the future.
So be sure to take advantage of every opportunity in this new year. Best wishes!

Welcome dear new year

So many adventures to live and smiles to share await us.
May every day of 2025 be a new discovery and bring everyone closer to a successful future.
And that respect, friendship and joy are present in every new day. Happy New Year for all!

Reflections of a special period

The last period of the year has arrived.
The time of the biggest party, the reflection and the feeling that soon a new possibility - a new year - of being happy will arise. Welcome, 2025!
I hope and wish that every day will be happy, emotional and full of unforgettable surprises.
I appreciate all that I have received during the year and I promise to be a better person every day. December is Christmas and it is the warmth of family and friends.
Christmas is life and it is love.

The best party starts now

I am immensely happy because the most beautiful party of the year will take place now.
I confess that I even feel an emotion for sharing this extraordinary date with my family and friends. Happy Holidays!
The lights have never been so colorful and the love you feel in the air has never been so powerful.
This is the time to smile, embrace, love and take care like never before.
This is the time to celebrate.

The right time to celebrate

The most special date of the year has arrived! We will enjoy every second with great joy and jaw-dropping sensations.
It's time to celebrate with the greatest intensity in the world. Happy holidays to all!
This is the right time to celebrate after a year of battles and many successes.
It's time to gather family and friends for an unprecedented party. It's time to be happy!

A classic and beautiful Santa Claus ringing a bell with a greeting message to share on Facebook and Instagram: Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care.
A classic and beautiful Santa Claus ringing a bell with a message of good wishes to share on Facebook and Instagram: Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2025

My wish: big party and a happy 2025

2025 is almost over and now there is not much left to put into practice, all plans and goals are for the next year, but before that I want to leave my best wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2025 for everyone!
Take advantage of this new year to take stock of everything you've accomplished this year, thanks for your success and reevaluate your mistakes for not repeating them this year.
I hope this is not just another year, but the most profitable and paves the way for a life of many results. Happy Holidays and Happy 2025

Happy holidays, with love and joy

Have a Christmas full of love and joy and a new year in which all challenges turn into success. Happy Holidays!

Let's celebrate the holidays

The end of the year is a magical moment for adults and children, as it is during this period that we gather, exchange gifts and fill our hearts with joy and love.
We will raise our eyes and toast to those who have left, but have always remained alive in our memories and in our hearts and, more importantly, we will strengthen ties with people who are still with us and will continue to illuminate us.
A merry Christmas and a happy new year with even more reasons to celebrate!

A Christmas and a New Year with hope

Of all times of the year, of all moments of life, this is one of the most magical ever.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of us!
May the joy of living and loving your neighbor in your hearts.
Let us not miss friends or relatives next to each of us.
Let's celebrate Christmas and start another year with happiness.
Merry Christmas!

A very happy Christmas and year

Christmas came and everything became more beautiful, more special.
It is time to enjoy the wonderful lights and hope that this season will bring all hearts.
It is also time to reflect on the year that is ending.
I wish that nothing is missing from every table and that love is gigantic in every home. We do good and hope that next year will be even more productive.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elegant image with decorative Christmas balls and beautiful messages for happy holidays: May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2025!.
Elegant image with decorative Christmas balls and beautiful messages for happy holidays: it's midnight! Right now you have to share laughter, smiles and happiness with yours. I send you my best wishes for your year to be happy as tonight .

Did you not find your perfect wishes? Here is a list with other ideas for your Happy Holidays messages