Images Greetings 2021 and Coronavirus

A New Year to live with the restrictions of COVID-19
And the year 2020, now that it's over? What have we learned in the face of all the difficulties and challenges we have had to overcome and what lessons will we bring to 2021?
One thing is for sure: we had to slow down and someone stopped, anyway. We have learned so much from the new coronavirus pandemic, but perhaps the main one has been to discover that we are nothing and nobody alone.
As we slowed down, months closed at home for the lockdown, we had time to pay more attention to the others and ourselves. Spacing and masks, no greetings and hugs. Learning to identify and deal with our emotions in a way never before seen in the postmodern world. To have a more generous look towards yourself and others.

Free Images New Year & Covid-19

image on black background and golden stars with red text 2021 and virus with no access.

Image on black background and golden stars. The 2021 text for year-end greetings with zero that appears with virus in the forbidden access signal.

It seemed like a year without end, but 2021 has arrived, as in a dream, a 2020 where we had to be absent and, inside our homes, we had to reinvent ourselves, take on our beta version once and for all, transform ourselves every day in professional terms, personal, behavioral and relational.
When do we imagine that by turning on the television we would be influenced by ostentatious campaigns asking people to avoid physical contact?
This seemed a somewhat impossible request, especially for our people, jealous of all freedom, social life and cordial relations.
We had to find new ways to show our feelings, without touching ourselves, which is so natural in our daily life routine. 2021 will be the year of the vaccine, the year of victory over Covid-19.
We wanted to celebrate and drive away 2020 with celebrations and wishes for a different 2021, but it will not be possible, another small effort, it will be a spaced New Year.

photo health face mask with print 2021 for New Year's greetings

Photo health mask with print 2021 for Happy New Year wish.

We hear more often and from more people that money is not everything. And we have had to reduce and rethink our pace and ways of consumption. With people in their homes, pollution rates around the world have decreased.
Planet Earth thanked. Experts point out that this change is temporary and, of course, related to confinement, but can't it help us find solutions to climate problems without having to be confined?
Didn't this crisis also come to alert us and show that we, companies, governments and citizens, are able to implement a new pace of life that is positive and has a better impact?
Brands went on TV not just to talk about their products and services, but to bring messages of solidarity, encouragement and positivity. We have never seen companies focus so much on the collective and the human.
Indeed, "doing together" has become a mantra. Without collective cooperation we would not have emerged from this crisis. It was time to connect with people now and with those we haven't had contact with in a while.
From inside our homes we revisit stories through photos, books, calls and video conferences with friends and family. Yes, it's a cliché to say that technology brings people together, but this statement has never been as real as it was in 2020.

Image with text 2021 in 3D with a ban on entry to the coronavirus in the new year

Image with text 2021 in 3D with a ban on entry to the coronavirus in the new year. Happy New Year 2021.

Is at work? Leaders had to revisit and find new ways to communicate with their teams, such as keeping them active and motivated. Companies that were resistant to the home office method, for example, had to give up and ended up finding that this it can be a good way to work.
We found that those hour-long face-to-face meetings could perhaps have been done much more effectively by videoconferencing.
This scheme doesn't work for all careers, but for many it does. So why not take this format to 2021 and improve it? Not out of obligation, out of force majeure, but to work on what we said up there, at the beginning of this text: slow down.
How many positive impacts would this have for people and for the planet?
Another point we need to keep for our 2021 is knowing how to filter the information we receive from different sources. Fake news is here to stay and this is a movement that only tends to grow, this is a fact.
But knowing how to find the source of the news has become an essential issue for many who were not in the habit of delving into issues.
We had to go deeper for conservation reasons.

Image of HAPPY 2021 with the coronavirus vaccine

Image of HAPPY 2021 with the vaccine for the coronavirus. No wish can be better!

But not only does fake news live on the Internet, which has brought a lot of bad news, it has also served as a balancing point for many. And social networks have played a special role in this.
I have lost count of how many lives have passed through my networks, bringing the most diverse subjects. From topics on how to deal with the psychological situation in the midst of the pandemic and imprisonment to how to keep the business alive and running, even with the restrictions in place. The wonder of communication.
Communication that has served to show us that, without dialogue, we cannot get anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are a government, a company or an ordinary citizen. Without tolerance and respect for others, the path is murky for everyone.
Now that the year 2021 is invading our homes, we must keep in mind that we must not get carried away by anguish, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. The watchword is now serenity.
We wish you a HAPPY 2021, we need it more than this year, we see the light at the end of the tunnel now, the vaccines are Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca and others will arrive to defeat Sars-CoV-2.
Here is a beautiful collection of images for the wishes of a Happy 2021, a new year to regain what 2020 has stolen from us, and it will already be a lot, return to greet us, to hug us, to drink a coffee together and eat a pizza with friends.
It will be a New Year of restrictions, without real celebrations and toasts. Wishes spaced and with mask, but with the joy in our eyes that we will soon return to celebrate. May our 2021 come full, happy and peaceful for everyone !!

Funny greeting images New Year in COVID-19

Here we propose some funny pictures, we need to laugh and watch this new year 2021 of pandemic from a comic point of view.
Let's exchange the wishes for the new year with these cheerful and ironic images in the era of Coronavirus, we will tell our grandchildren!

Image for New Year's toast with a mask full of wine.

Funny image for new year's toast 2021 with a mask in the shape of a wine glass.

fireworks on the night of December 31, 2020 to chase away the coronavirus

Fireworks on the night of December 31, 2020 to drive out the coronavirus. We all hope that 2021 can wipe out this epidemic.

Face mask that assigns the score in 2020, one star, is too much !!

Face mask that assigns the score to this 2020, only one star, it's too much !!

Image with 2021 that drives away with the finger the coronavirus

Image with 2021 chasing away the coronavirus with his finger.

Merry Image with Happy 2021 writing with cartoon coronavirus drawing

Funny image with Happy 2021 writing with cartoon coronavirus drawing.

2021 image with one which is a vaccine syringe that destroys the coronavirus

Image 2021 with the one in the shape of a syringe for the vaccine that destroys the coronavirus. 2021 the year of the covid-19 vaccine.

Face mask with written HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021

Face mask with HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 writing.

Funny photo of card games on New Year's evenings, prizes to be won and much coveted, toilet paper and sanitizing gel

Funny photo of card games on New Year's evenings, winnings up for grabs and much sought-after, toilet paper and sanitizing gel, unobtainable in the March lockdown .

Images greetings messages 2021 in the period COVID-19

Image with phrase: the year that positivity will win will surprise us, with glasses ready to toast at midnight of 2021.

Image with sentence: the coming year will win positivity will surprise us, with glasses ready to toast at midnight of 2021.

Elegant image with large 2021, and text New Year greetings: the beginning is the end

Elegant image with big 2021, and happy new year text: the beginning is the end. End of the pandemic, the distancing and the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

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