Christmas images in COVID-19

Difficult this year to think of a normal Christmas. This has been a strange year and even the 2021 Christmas holidays we will not know how we will spend them, but certainly in a different way from other years.
Due to the spread of the coronavirus, it is better to spend the Christmas holidays with your family and to minimize contact with other people., These are the recommendations that are proposed by the scientific committees.
It is noted that in the current situation, risks must be minimized and the Christmas holidays planned in such a way as to protect oneself and those around them.
Since Christmas is a family vacation, this is one of the best opportunities to dedicate time to the family, including creating certain safety conditions.

The whole world wears an antivirus mask
The whole world wears an antivirus mask

Christmas by decree. The government will tell us how we will make Christmas.

We will have to wait for the government directives that will be expressed on the advice of the Scientific Technical Committee only a few days before the holidays.
The evolution of the pandemic, quarantine, infections and pressure of Covid hospitalizations will tell us what Christmas we deserve.
Here, however, we do not want to talk about statistics and contagion curves, but offer you some Christmas images that inevitably cannot fail to be conditioned by Covid-19.
Let's try to play down and offer you some funny images on Covid-19 and Christmas to share and smile a little.

Funny picture of the coronavirus transformed at Christmas.
Funny picture of the coronavirus transformed at Christmas. ZOOM

Christmas at a distance and in digital

But what Christmas will we celebrate with covid-19?
In the Bavarian city of Landshut a Christmas fair was opened only in drive-in mode: mulled wine, gingerbread and Bavarian sausages - all for you to pick up and take away.
Hungary hosts a virtual Christmas market. For the first time in history, it will celebrate Catholic Christmas and the Vatican only online.
A British supermarket chain has released a pre-holiday video that accurately conveys the holiday mood of Europeans in the coronavirus period: masked couriers, holiday without parties, only in the circle of loved ones. Santa's school this year teaches how to interact with children while maintaining social distancing.

Drawing of a Christmas tree with antivirus mask
Cute Christmas tree with antivirus mask that hides a smile.
In Barcelona, dance schools protest against distance learning. In England, protesters shouting "Freedom" demand the complete cancellation of the lockdown.
In Germany and Greece, where quarantine has just begun, clashes with police have occurred and hundreds of denial and no-mask people have been stops.

Christmas hypotheses in a time of pandemic

On the other hand, it will not be possible to establish rules on who will have to sit at the table during the Christmas dinner:
in this case, there will be only recommendations, certainly we will not see raids in the dekke homes perhaps of the order, and a maximum number of people to invite home perhaps between 6 and 8, according to the restrictions of the territories, and in any case only the presence of the family with whom they usually hang out is expected.

Sanitary mask decorated with Christmas lights
Sanitary mask decorated with Christmas lights.

Lapland saves Santa Claus from COVID-19

Don't worry, if you want Santa Claus is waiting for you in Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus located above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.
The new restrictions will place limitations and allow 72-hour visits to the country without the need for quarantine.
Santa will sit confidently behind a clear plastic guard and the elves will keep a safe social distance, not forgetting to wear medical masks.
As the holiday season approaches, Lapland tour operators believe this is the best way to save Christmas and escape after a brutal year in which tourist numbers plummeted from record highs in 2022.
They will be helped by the new quarantine rules in Finland, which will go into effect on November 23, despite the second wave of coronavirus in Europe. The new restrictions will allow 72-hour visits to the country without the need for quarantines.
Tourists from the EU and the 26 countries of the European Schengen area will be able to arrive, provided they pass a COVID-19 test in the 72 hours prior to departure and receive proof of a negative result.
Longer stays will require self-isolation and retesting. However, the rules are subject to change.
"Christmas is by no means canceled," said Sanna Kärkkäinen, CEO of Visit Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus located above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. "This year will be different from previous ones, but I'm confident that the travelers who eventually come here will have a lot of fun."
Despite the short stays, operators have changed their plans to include sleigh rides, dog sledding, and the chance to see the Northern Lights before returning to the airport.

Funny Christmas images in COVID-19

Below we present a collection of funny images about this pandemic Christmas 2021.
Everyone has tried to create Christmas products made ad hoc for Covid-19, the ecommerce sites are full of masks decorated with Christmas trees, decorations and Christmas decorations, Santa Claus. Here are some proposals for sale on the sites.

No one could ever predict a Christmas like this, much less for these end-of-year parties, the most used object would have been the health mask.

Disegno di un albero di natale con mascherina antivirus
Mascherina antivirus con disegni classici di decorazioni natalizie

MERRY CHRISTMASK! New way to wish greetings this Christmas 2021. We want to believe that next year all this can be just a memory.

Healthcare mask with Merry Christmask text
Image anti covid-19 mask for these holidays. Unfortunately these will be Christmas wishes 2021. Merry Christmask !!

Christmas T-shirt with Merry Christmas written and made for a 2021 Christmas that we will most likely spend at home.

T-shirt with Christmas print for a pandemic Christmas
Christmas print t-shirt with updated images for covid-19.

Even in decorating the Christmas tree, objects that recall this period of infections cannot be missing. Here are some nice objects to hang between our fir branches this Christmas 2021.

Christmas 2021 and with little Santa Claus with masks and sanitizer
Oggetto da appendere con scritta Natale 2021 e con piccoli babbi natale con mascherine e igienizzante.

Santa Claus, if he comes to bring you the gifts, will have to maintain social distancing and, depending on the country, will have to stay at one meter, 1.5, or even 2 meters to avoid penalties.

Santa Claus 2021 bringing you a sack full of beautiful gifts: lots of sanitizing gel
Santa Claus 2021 bringing you a sack full of beautiful gifts: lots of sanitizing gel

Even one of the most classic Christmas sweets was involved in covid-19. The cute puppet cookies, with gingerbread, gagged with a health mask.

gingerbread cookie with mask
The classic gingerbread cookie with antivirus mask to hang as a Christmas decoration

Little Santa Claus with red mask. There are many versions of the most famous Christmas character, also forced to comply with the anti covid-19 legislation.

Little Santa Claus with antivirus mask
Christmas decoration of a small Santa Claus with antivirus mask with 2021 writing.