Saving Christmas from COVID-19

Christmas is almost upon us, now that we write, there are only 45 days left until the holiday of December 25th, and the government would not want to cancel Christmas due to Covid-19. The economic consequences and the social standing itself could have unpredictable implications.
The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tried to free himself, with a speech more like a high prelate than a politician, asserting that the Christmas holiday is a purely spiritual event and is more right to celebrate it in a few close friends.
But the reality is different, all European countries and the regional governors themselves are trying to make Christmas coexist with coronavirus, shopping with Covid, hoping to ease the restrictive measures in the Christmas holidays to give some respite to the economy that would suffer an unprecedented destructive blow.

Drawing of a Christmas tree with antivirus mask
Drawing of a Christmas tree with antivirus mask

COVID-19: All indicators are not encouraging, but European countries live in the hope of spending Christmas 2021 with loved ones.

Will Europe be closed for Christmas?

This is an issue that worries the minds of many Europeans, as the pandemic will likely make us forget about traditional holidays this year. All European politicians are thinking about this problem.
However, industry experts believe that the Covid-19 quarantine regime in Europe could be eased by Christmas.
European countries are currently grappling with a second wave of Coronavirus infection.
As a result, Germany and France, the two largest economies in the euro zone, have declared national quarantines, while others have significantly tightened various restrictions and safety standards to combat the spread of disease and prevent overloading the health sector.
The escalation of restrictions in recent weeks has dealt a new blow to services and other sectors, as it is currently unclear how long the restrictions will last.

Image of planet earth with mask, the virus has hit globally.
The whole world in the grip of the coronavirus. Image of planet earth with mask, Covid-19 has hit globally.

Given the high levels of economic and social activity that usually occurs in Europe in December, right around Christmas, it is very important to see if Europe will still be closed at this time. The forecast is that some restrictions will be eased by then many economists said The nationwide quarantine in Germany is currently expected to last at least until the end of November, while in France the current restrictions will be in effect until at least December 1st.
In the UK, the quarantine is set until December 2nd . However, in all three countries the possibility exists to extend the quarantine period if the spread of the disease is not reduced.
The loosening of the quarantine regime, which could occur in the first half of December, and throughout the holiday period, will make a great contribution to economic and social activity, as December has traditionally been a very active and economically important month.
It is not known if there will be another high-level quarantine regime, but if, like in the summer, there is too much relaxation, we will find ourselves battling the third wave in January, and many virologists are convinced of it. that even the new year can be predicted much more calmly than other years. Much also depends on the pace of vaccine development.
At the moment, Europe needs to think first of all about how to reduce the number of cases, but there is little hope that the year-end holidays will not be quarantined or otherwise with various restrictions.
The latest data on the movement of people shows that Spain, Germany and the UK are following the same spring trends during the first wave.
At that time, the number of cases dropped to a low enough level to restore activity economic, at least in part due to the restrictions imposed.

In addition, experts cite Ireland, the Netherlands and Slovakia as examples, where restrictions to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases were set much earlier than anywhere else in Europe. The result is already visible there: in the last week, the number of cases has started to decrease significantly.
This is an experience that shows that the rest of Europe is also expected to see improvement in the coming weeks.
It is very likely that by Christmas the number of cases will decrease and Christmas should not be seen in a hard lockdown.
Meanwhile, there are also many researchers who are not as optimistic in their predictions.
Referring to information from a number of European countries, he reports that it is too early to judge whether plans for Christmas can be made, as the number of coronavirus cases is currently growing steadily.
In Sweden, for example, people have been warned that they may face travel restrictions at Christmas, while the Irish and French authorities warn that in the current situation, the important thing is to worry about safety and not think about holidays.
In Italy, instead, total chaos reigns, the red regions try to switch to orange, the orange ones into yellow and some regions, in contrast, proclaim themselves red, applying a harder lockdown. Decrees, regional ordinances, municipal squeezes in historic centers and squares, have created a confusion and a social protest that was not seen at all in the national lockdown in March.

Little Santa Claus with antivirus mask for Christmas decorations
Little Santa Claus with antivirus mask for Christmas decorations

Masks for Christmas 2021

Of course, a lot of people have equipped themselves to adapt the health masks to the Christmas event.
Below we see some models of masks for sale decorated for the holidays, you can find hundreds of products on the Chinese site Aliexpress, yes, right from China, which absurdly defeated the coronavirus, where it all started, and is now experiencing a period of thriving economy.

Black medical mask, with a nice smiling Santa Claus on Rudolph's back, his flying reindeer, printed to remind us that we are at Christmas. Photo of a santa claus on antivirus mask

For those more traditionalist and Christian faithful, mask with the Nativity imprinted. To be used for midnight mass, if you can participate. Nativity scene print on sanitary mask

COVID-19 has stolen Christmas 2021

It seems clear that the most important holiday of the year in Europe (but in the whole world) will be very different in this 2021.
Countries one after another announce the cancellation of Christmas holidays, Christmas markets, gospel concerts, tracks of skating and religious events. The last time this happened was only during World War II.
Most Ukrainian hospitals do not have free beds. In Cherkassy, a woman infected with the coronavirus gave birth to a child right on the street, on the threshold of the regional maternity hospital, where she was denied hospitalization due to the overcrowding of the "covid" ward.
In Italy, in Naples, due to congestion in the clinics, patients are connected to oxygen right on the street.
In France, due to the shortage of hospital beds, patients are sent by plane to Germany, but also there all resources are already at the limit.
In Switzerland, the army came to the aid of the doctors: the military changed their uniforms into white coats.
And in Madrid, the doctors in protest stripped on the street to show their lack of defense against the virus. Romanian doctors ask for the promised incentives for work overload with stressful shifts, the Ukrainian ones, at least not to reduce funding for next year.
It could continue indefinitely and always with new events.
May Jesus, the Savior of the world, whom we remember his birth at Christmas, truly intervene in a supernatural way to definitively close this sad period.