Season's greetings after the COVID-19 epidemic.

In summing up this past year, there is little to rejoice.
2020 was an inauspicious year, as early as February the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic was making headlines, starting from the city of Wuhan in China, then in Italy to expand rapidly in Europe and worldwide in the USA, Brazil and Latin America.
Masks, gloves, disinfectants, lockdowns and quarantine have become common words and the habits of our lives have changed radically. A year that could not be wished even to the worst enemy. A year so special that only a conspiracy mind could give birth.
All New Year's greetings have fallen miserably, crushed by the global economic crisis.
Today it is also difficult to think of making good wishes by joking with the coronavirus, too many sad news and too many loved ones who passed away to laugh about it. But we can not lose hope for a better future, difficult to get up, but we will do it and by believing in the many "TuttoAndràBene" writings we really want to believe it.
All the more reason we can only wish for a new year, a 2021 that will make us forget a past year that will go down in history for a world pandemic. Just hoping that 2021 will make Covid-19 disappear is truly the best wish we can do and we can make everyone, indiscriminately.
On this page we have collected the best wishes, in images and messages, which concern precisely this, the period of the coronavirus.
We all fought, we remained closed at home and maintained a social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus.
We couldn't hug, kiss or drink an aperitif together. Things that were taken for granted, have become precious to us, we hope that in this festive period a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, made without distancing and without a mask, will truly be the greatest gift that 2021 or Santa Claus will be able to give us.

Nice animated gif image of the coronavirus Covid-19 with a smiling face
Cute animated gif image of the Covid-19 coronavirus with a smiling face

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses known to cause diseases ranging from colds to more serious diseases such as respiratory syndrome. They have a rounded shape with spikes. We made a nice gif image with animated tips .

Selection of images of Santa Claus with mask and health protection at the time of the coronavirus epidemic

Nobody would have thought or even imagined that in a few months gloves and masks would become everyday use and we can fantasize that during the Christmas period even Santa Claus will be forced to walk with a mask, who could have ever predicted such a thing?
Life has many surprises in store for us, we hope that these celebrations and the new year 2021 will offer us many surprises and leave the epidemic as a sad memory.

Image of Santa Claus dressed in anti-covid protective suits-19.
Photos of some Santa Claus dressed in anti-covid sanitary protective suits-19 .

Let's just hope we don't see Santa Claus dressed in anti-covid-19 protective suits. Christmas is a celebration of love and we must live it together .

image of Santa Claus wearing an anti-coronavirus mask
Image of Santa Claus wearing a mask to protect himself from coronavirus infection

Nobody could have foreseen that to take a photo with Santa Claus we would have to wear masks!

Image of Santa Claus with mask and latex gloves, disinfectant for hand washing and sanitary masks
Image of Santa Claus with the mask he wears and with all the objects used for our health protection in this 2020: latex gloves, disinfectant for hand washing and sanitary masks.

Since they have become precious and difficult to find, maybe someone will ask Santa Claus for gifts like these for Christmas, a nice package of gloves latex or a rather high protection mask FFP3

Photo of Santa Claus with surgical mask and sack of gifts
Photo of Santa Claus with surgical mask and sack of gifts

Santa Claus will bring gifts with a mask and no one will perhaps not be able to approach the children. Of course, you have to disinfect the gifts before using them!

Happy new year wishes to wish the new year away from covid-19

2020 was a bad year to bury, all over the world Covid-19 has changed our way of life, the quarantine and the fear of infecting us, going out with masks and gloves.
Our lives have changed radically during the months of the lockdown and it will be a year that will remain in history due to the coronavirus, so now we can only wish ourselves a happy new year and forget this old and ugly, but finished 2020 year.

image with plaque and inscription 2020 with end date 31-12-2020, with hanging coronavirus mask
Image with plaque and inscription 2020 with its end date 31-12-2020, with hanging coronavirus health mask

Here are those who would like to see 2020, well buried at three meters deep, with masks and gloves, only a distant memory and to be able to see us all together to celebrate the arrival of 2021.

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