Animated Gif Greetings 2021 and Coronavirus

When the 12 chimes are heard, 2021 will be greeted with fewer holidays than those that usually fill the streets and squares. And even before that, Christmas will be characterized by less programming in all cities on the planet.
Several countries are suspending the Christmas and New Year events. There will be no fireworks to celebrate the New Year and there will be no concerts to cheer up the squares. Some are trying to adapt activities to the virtual universe and many are still deciding what to do. On the horizon, only one certainty: it will be a different Christmas and the start of a new year, adapted to the rules of the pandemic.

Free funny GIF animations about Covid-19 and New Year

animated gif the new year arrives and kick out the covid-19

Animated gif image comes the new year with trumpets, trumpets and confetti and cheerfully chases away the covid-19. Nice animation to share for the wishes of a Happy 2021

Due to the pandemic, this will be a completely different New Year. There will not be that party we are used to, with so many people on the street.
The event will be experienced much more online, through television and internet that will offer events, even live but with spectators in front of the screen.
All this will allow us to experience a New Year in people's hearts, so that we can believe that the new year is a very special time to reboot and rebuild a better 2021 than 2020.

funny animated gif away the coronavirus from 2021

Funny animated gif coronavirus away from 2021. A hand comes out that removes the zero which is the covid-19 and puts the one of 2021 .

Probably also on December 31st, the curfew in some countries will still be in force, we can bring midnight to 20 for good wishes, always from a distance, with friends.
It seems that it will be possible to celebrate with family members and without big tables, we have to settle for a subdued New Year 2021.
We therefore have to make the most of the Merry 2021 greetings, cheerful and fun, but always as a theme, via Covid-19 in the new year, the vaccine will be the winning weapon, but also masks and spacing will complete the work , we have gained experience and have all become more responsible for health recommendations to limit the infection.

Animated image sparkling wine on New Year's Eve 2021

Animated Gif Image, on the bell tower clock strikes midnight of New Year 2021 and bottles of sparkling wine come out uncorking for an excellent party. WISHES 2021.

What we hear from all sides, government, scientists and health committees is the same: The celebrations we are used to for the New Year cannot take place this year. Unimaginable and incompatible with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, although the numbers are improving, it is impossible to let your guard down in this period.
It could be really dangerous if not managed well, to think of having gatherings in the squares and streets for celebrating the new year is out of place, it would open the doors to a third wave right after the holidays. No dinners, no white weeks and end-of-year concerts.
New Year's Eve we will spend it at home with the closest family.

funny GIFs 2021 New Year in COVID-19

Gif destruction of 2020 with a flamethrower

Animated gif image, man in overalls destroys a too virulent 2020 with a flamethrower. A monstrous year.

We want to wish a Happy New Year to all our visitors, a Happy 2021 awaits us and never like this year, we can contribute to making it a normal year, our behavior will make a difference. BEST WISHES.

Animated text image 2021 with coronavirus

Animated image text 2021 with coronavirus.

It strikes midnight on December 31st . Happy New Year

An alarm clock that rings at midnight, the new year arrives. 2021 is here. BEST WISHES !!

Animated gif with hourglass 2020 and 2021 is coming

An hourglass in animated gif with the sand falling and at the same time 2020 that turns into 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Gif coronavirus bursts like fireworks on New Year's Eve

Funny image in animated gif with firework in the shape of a coronavirus that arrives and bursts like a firecracker at midnight on New Year's Eve. HAPPY 2021.

green coronavirus animation

Image of the animated coronavirus.

GIF animation covid-19 of 2020 destroyed by 2021

Funny animated GIF with 2020 with covid-19 is destroyed by 2021.

Animated gif: doctor chasing away the coronavirus

Animated gif: doctor chasing away the coronavirus.

Animated gif firecrackers for new year with arrival of 2021

Animated gif firecrackers for new year with arrival of 2021

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